Managing your time as a student is a hassle. What if TimeSort did it for you?

TimeSort takes the stress out of planning and managing your responsibilities by intelligently crafting a schedule personalized for you

The Problem

Research from the American Psychological Association finds that at least 80% of college students procrastinate regularly . We joke about it, but procrastination negatively impacts not only students’ performance in school, but also their mental and physical health.

Constructive scheduling is a proven remedy for this problem, but it can take an awful lot of time-- something students lack. Thankfully, TimeSort is here to help.

The Solution

Think of TimeSort as your very own personal assistant . Enter any pending tasks that you have, their deadline, and their expected duration into the dashboard. TimeSort will use its intelligent algorithm to create the most efficient scheduling solution for you.

As the week progresses, TimeSort will also reshuffle your schedule automatically if any obligations arise or any tasks don’t get done, ensuring that you stay on your path to success.


Easily Reshuffle your Calendar

Bad days won't derail your whole week.

Lightning Fast

Timesort maps out your week instantly.

Customizable To Fit Your Needs

Timesort schedules tasks based on your preferences.

Integrates with your Tools

Timesort places your schedule into Google Calender.

Low Maintenance

Enter your recurring tasks once and Timesort takes care of the rest.

Works With Your Existing Schedule

Timesort schedules around events already in your calendar.



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